After much prayer and discussion, we believe that it is best for Park Community Church to press ahead with the building renovation plan designed for the Building for Community Campaign in the fall of 2019. However, we do not feel now is the right time to restart a capital campaign to raise the funds to do the desired building improvements. 
Here’s what that means:
  • We are going to table the discussion of restarting a capital campaign for the next 6 months, and will begin discussing a “campaign 2.0” in the spring/summer of 2022. 
  • A portion of the money given to the Building for Community Campaign to this point is going to be used to fix the parking lot as soon as possible – an urgent need and part of the original project.
  • Any funds given to the Building for Community Campaign over the coming months will go toward the original renovation plans. If you have the financial means and feel led to keep giving to this, please do so. 
  • We will be doing a few cosmetic improvements to the building to keep things fresh until we’re able to do the full renovation. Funds for cosmetic improvements will not come out of money given to the Building for Community Campaign, but will rather come from the balance in our general budget, thanks to your faithful and generous giving! 

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Through the renovation of our building, our objective is to create space in which our growing church family can foster a greater sense of community. Our vision is to accomplish this through:

Functionality. We desire to maximize our strengths of community and hospitality by supplementing our warm welcome with an equally welcoming, accessible and functional church facility.

Family. For the safety and growth of our children and families, we desire to create a space for kids ministry in which the next generation can feel secure and thrive as they learn to become disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Future. In preparation for the future, we desire to invest in our building by improving its overall structure and aesthetics while bringing it up to compliance with city code.



Phase One = $1,600,000

  • Open up the main level to create a space that will help foster community, including fellowship space near the sanctuary, rear-entry into the sanctuary, new bathrooms and a “Connections Room” on the southside of the sanctuary
  • Create a safe, secure and welcoming KidsPark check-in
  • Sanctuary improvements and alterations
  • Re-grade parking lot ($100,000)
  • Bring our building up to code compliance with city regulations ($750,000)

Phase Two = $800,000

  • Update lower-level bathrooms and finishes
  • Update Alfors Hall to be a more welcoming and functional multipurpose room

Phase Three = $200,000

  • Increase office space and functionality


Our primary needs for this step of the journey are two-fold.

  1. We need our church family to collectively pray for God’s will to be done at Park. More than any particular result regarding building renovations, we long for our church family to be in line with God’s will for our church and city.
  2. To accomplish our building renovations plan, we’re seeking to raise $1,600,000$2,500,000 with three-year commitments from our church family. Please join us in praying that God would bring clarity to the decision of if and how you might contribute.