Sexuality Statement & Resources


We believe in the historically Christian view of marriage and sexual expression; namely, that marriage is a one-flesh covenant union between two sexually different persons (male and female) from different families, and that all sexual relationships outside the marriage covenant  break God’s good design for sex. 

We acknowledge that churches and Christians who hold this belief have often applied it poorly by teaching God’s design for sex and marriage without love, grace, or a nuanced understanding of these complex issues. Our desire is that Park would be a community where God’s forgiveness for sexual sin and healing for sexual brokenness is experienced as we pursue holy sexuality together in humility. 

Below are some helpful resources related to human sexuality, purity, marriage, and singleness.


Christopher Yuan

Holy Sexuality (1 minute video)

Human Sexuality in a Postmodern and Increasingly Post-Christian Culture (1 hour teaching)

Holy Sexuality (book) 

Jackie Hill Perry

Gay Girl, Good God (book + 1 hour podcast on ITunes, Spotify, YouTube)

Pastor Andrew Peterson

Jesus on Gender, Marriage, Sex, and Singleness (40 minute sermon)

Rosaria Butterfield

Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert (40 minute video)

Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert (book)

Homosexuality and the Christian Faith (46 minute video)

Sam Alberry

What God Has to Say About Our Bodies (book)

Why Does God Care Who I Sleep With (book) + Podcast interview

Is God Anti-Gay (book)

Rachel Gilson 

Sexuality and Gender Identity (15 minute video + website)


The Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender  (resource website)

Authentic Intimacy (resource website)

The Christian Sexuality Podcast: a podcast series engaging a variety of topics regarding human sexuality. (ITunes, Spotify, YouTube)

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (resource website)


Pure Desire (resources and groups for men & women)

The Death of Porn (book geared towards men)

Sex, Purity, and the Longing of a Girl’s Heart (book geared towards women)

Pleasures Evermore (book)

Talking Back to Purity Culture (book)


Human Sexuality in a Postmodern and Increasingly Post-Christian Culture (1 hour teaching)

7 Myths About Singleness (book)

Kingdom Single (book)

Redeeming Singleness (book)


The Meaning of Marriage (book)

The Great Sex Rescue (book) + Podcast interview (processing the unintended consequences of unhealthy “Purity Culture” in the church)

Married Sex (book)

The Mingling of Souls (book)

Your Marriage Today and Tomorrow (book)

Fierce Marriage (book + podcast)

The Mystery of Marriage (book)